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Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman
Randy Graff
Brian Stokes Mitchell Vocal

I Reason to be Thankful
Larry Hochman/Sheldon Harnick
Brian Stokes Mitchell, vocal

II Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
Irving Berlin/Emma Lazarus
Randy Graff, vocal; Lee Musiker, piano; Raman Ramakrishnan, cello

III America the Beautiful
with Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens’s “WHEELS OF A DREAM”
Brian Stokes Mitchell, vocal; Tedd Firth, piano; Kathryn Anderson, violin; Angela Pickett, viola; Michael Dahlberg, cello; Steve Lyon, oboe; and Rheagan Noleen, french horn

“So wonderful to listen to this beautiful recording by Brian Stokes Mitchell, Randy Graff and Essential Voices USA, especially today on the Inauguration of our 46th President! Extraordinarily moving as our country enters this new age.”

– Stephen Flaherty, composer


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Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman
James Cunningham
 Piano, Track I, II
Daniel Miller Cello, Track II

I Testimony
Stephen Schwartz

II Who Would You Be
Shawn Crouch

“‘Testimony’ was written using interviews for the ‘It Gets Better’ project, but to me it has always had a broader implication, speaking for those who have experienced bullying or felt shame for who they are, whatever the reason.  I have always hoped for a good SATB performance, and hearing the piece so beautifully sung by the EVUSA under the always impeccable direction of Judith Clurman is ​a real joy for me.”

Stephen Schwartz

“Schwartz and Clurman know how to tell a story, and they work in vocal color like Da Vinci did in oils. Clurman and EVUSA are justifiably proud of this recording and plan to do anti-bullying workshops in New York City.”

– Q on Stage
Who Would You Be


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Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman, Conductor
Tessa Lark 
Violin, Track I
James Cunningham Piano, Track III, IV, V
Daniel Miller Cello, Track III 

I Cradle Hymn
arr. David Chase

II Home
James Sizemore

III The First Noel
arr. David Chase

IV Eight Days of Lights
Judith Clurman and David Chase

V Everlasting Light
David Shire and Sheldon Harnick

“‘Winter Harmonies’ featuring Essential Voices USA is ESSENTIAL holiday music in my household… this year and moving forward! Brava to music director extraordinaire Judith Clurman and her GLORIOUS ensemble!”

– Frank DiLella, Spectrum News NY1
The First Noel – 30 Second Teaser – November 2020


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“I’ve long admired Judith Clurman and her superb ensemble of singers, Essential Voices USA. Now they’ve teamed up with the outstanding American violinist Tessa Lark, whose soulful fiddling adds a special touch to this beautiful song collection”

– Mindy Ratner, National Classical Music Host of Classical 24, American Public Media

 “….this quartet of Appalachian folksongs arranged by David Chase and performed with robust poetic feeling by the Judith Clurman-led Essential Voices USA is hugely satisfying.”

Choir and Organ

Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman
Tessa Lark

I This Old Hammer
II Pretty Saro
III Down In A Coalmine
IV Who Will Come and Go With Me


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Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman
David Chase
Tessa Lark Violin


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“The Festival of Lights of the Hanukkah season was celebrated by a lushly beautiful new composition by Judith Clurman with David Chase on “Eight Days of Light”…”

DC Metro Theater Arts

Essential Voices USA
Judith Clurman
James Cunningham
Daniel Miller cello, track III
Raman Ramakrishnan cello, track V

I    Eight Days of Lights
Judith Clurman and David Chase
II    Dayeinu
arr. Trude Rittmann
III    Ki Hineih Kachomer
Judith Clurman, arr. Ryan Nowlin
IV    Shlof Mayn Fegele
Mikhail Lermontov, arr. Ryan Nowlin
V    Yeish Kochavim
Jonathan Tunick
VI    Everlasting Light
David Shire
VII    Songs of Peace: Hineih Ma Tov
Jeremiah Klarman, arr. David Chase
VIII    Songs of Peace: Oseh Shalom


Essential Voices USA
Conductor Judith Clurman
Piano Lee Musiker
Producer David Frost
Sono Luminus SLE-7006/Release Date: November 18, 2016

Sample MP3 : Season of Light (Download)

  • Season of Light (Hal Leonard)
    Music & Lyrics Jacob Narverud
  • Grateful (Hal Leonard)
    Music & Lyrics John Bucchino, arr. Ryan Nowlin
  • Carol of the Bells
    Mykola Leontovich
    English text & arr Peter J. Wilhousky
  • God Rest Ye Traditional (Hal Leonard)
    English Carol, arr. David Chase
  • Ave Maria
    Jean Mouton
  • The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights) (Hal Leonard)
    Music Stephen Schwartz , Lyrics Steve Young, arr. Ryan Nowlin
  • A New Year Carol
    Benjamin Britten/Lyrics Anon.
  • Auld Lang Syne (Hal Leonard)
    Traditional Folk Song Lyrics Robert Burns , arr. Tedd Firth

“Season of Light illuminates the holiday season….Clurman takes great care to combine the more established works with modern programming. . . . Season of Light can be looked at as a companion album to Clurman’s CD Holiday Harmonies, an Essential Voices USA CD from last year with an equally beautiful collection of holiday choral pieces.”
-The Huffington Post


Essential Voices USA Youth Workshop
Conductor Judith Clurman
Organ Ben Hutto
HOWE Records/Release Date: November 14, 2016

Music Howard Shore
Lyrics Eleanor Roosevelt

In 2007 conductor/organist Benjamin Hutto asked me to conduct his choruses (The St. Albans School for Boys/the National Cathedral Schools for Girls) at their fund-raising concert at the National Cathedral. I asked him if he would commission a new work for the concert by composer Howard Shore, based on words of Eleanor Roosevelt. He agreed and Michael Kellogg and Lucy Pugh provided the funding for this project. I conducted the world premiere of “Peace” on November 16, 2007 at the National Cathedral. A few years later, my Essential Voices USA Youth Workshop recorded “Peace” at the National Cathedral, with Benjamin Hutto on the organ. Other artists on the recording include Lang Lang, the Kronos Quartet, and Jennifer Cano Johnson.


Essential Voices USA
Conductor Judith Clurman
Soloists Jamie Barton, Maureen McKay
Piano Tedd Firth
Harp Stacey Shames
Producer David Frost
Sono Luminus SLE-70003/Release Date: October 30, 2015

 All first recordings:

  • Angels We Have Heard on High (G. Schirmer)
    Traditional French Carol, arr. David Chase               
  • O Holy Night (G. Schirmer)
    Adolphe Adam, arr. Ryan Nowlin
  • Silent Night (G. Schirmer)
    Franz Xaver Gruber, arr. Tedd Firth and Judith Clurman                              
  • Love Came Down
    Jennifer Higdon                                                                                    
  • The Virgin’s Slumber Song
    Max Reger                                                                            
  • Whispered and Revealed (G. Schirmer)
    Nico Muhly
  • Merry Christmas Wishing Well (G. Schirmer)
    Gene Gilroy, arr. Michael Gilbertson        
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    adaptation Judith Clurman

 “Judith Clurman has assembled a beautiful musical tapestry woven of superbly performed songs that will help create a memorable holiday season.”
– Broadway World

“The album is a Christmas essential. . . .a short, sweet, magical, and merry collection of Christmas carols…a lush musical tapestry of traditional Chrisitmas favorites punctuated by fresh new holiday carols by contemporary composers Jennifer Higdon, Nico Muhly, and Gene Gilroy. Plus sparkling new choral arrangements a(arr. David Chase, Judith Clurman, Tedd Firth) of each of the Christmas classics adds a dash of new-music magic to the mix of traditional carols.”
– Second Inversion

Gorgeous Christmas Album. . . .”
– Stage Buddy

 “I’m thrilled to be a part of this holiday album. It’s a magical mix of traditional heart-warming Christmas songs and some interesting new composers – like your favorite hot cider with some tasty new spices!”
– Jamie Barton, Mezzo Soprano


Essential Voices USA
Conductor Judith Clurman
Soloists Ron Raines, Bruce Ruben, Michael Slattery
Producer David Frost
Sono Luminus DSL-92182/Released October 28, 2014

Cherished Moments Recording Session (YouTube):

  • Enosh
    Louis Lewandowski
    adapted by Larry Hochman
  • Oseh Shalom (Hal Leonard)
    Debbie Friedman
    arr. Sally Lamb McCune
  • Set Me As A Seal (G. Schirmer)
    Nico Muhly
  • V’erastich Li (Transcontinental Music)
    Ben Steinberg
  • M’Chalkeil Chayim (instrumental Interlude)
    Solomon Braslavsky, arr. Bruce Ruben
  • Songs of Freedom: A Celebration of Chanukah (Schott Music)
    Traditional Melodies
    arr. Larry Hochman, Judith Clurman, Brian Stokes Mitchell
    Orchestration (chamber) Larry Hochman
  • Tzadik Katamar (G. Schirmer)
    Emanuel Kirschner, arr. Larry Hochman
  • Kadeish Urchatz (instrumental Interlude)
    Babylonian Chant
    instrumental interlude
  • Circle of Life (G. Schirmer)
    Bruce Ruben, arr. Larry Hochman
  • Boruch Ate Zingt Der Tate (G. Schirmer)
     Solomon Golub,carr. Zalmen Mlotek
  • Al Hanisim (G. Schirmer)
    Paul Schoenfield
  • Meditation (G. Schirmer)
    Larry Hochman
  • Shomeir Yisraeil (E. B. Marks Music)
    Larry Hochman
  • Han’shama Lach (instrumental Interlude)
    Traditional Melody,
    arr. Judith Clurman

“The mix of traditional songs in multiple moods and tones, handsomely sung with sweet yet profound emotions and gorgeously homogenous choral sound, offering a generous sample of the spirit Clurman is hoping to portray. . . . as a centerpiece, the Songs of Freedom cycle conjures the atmosphere of Chanukah celebrations with unique arrangements of tunes that Jewish children have sung for countless generations.”
– LA Opus

“Cherished Moments: Songs of the Jewish Spirit is both enjoyable and educational — a remarkable contribution.”
– Jonathan Sarna, Historian – Brandeis University

“This disc is a Hanukah gift that will keep on giving.”
– St Louise Dispatch

 “It is a remarkable CD with performance that are exceedingly well done and the music of worth. . . the performances of each selection have to be recognized as the platinum standard with which other performances will have to be judged.”
The Jewish Post and Opinion

“Stunning. . . .”
– Minnesota Public Radio


Essential Voices USA
Conductor Judith Clurman
Soloists Kelli O’Hara, Ron Raines
Piano Tedd Firth, Larry Hochman
Producer David Frost
Sono Luminus DSL-9216/Release Date: October 2, 2012

Sample Audio – See online

  • The Pledge of Allegiance (Hal Leonard)
    Laurie Hochman, arr. Larry Hochman
  • The New Colossus(G. Schirmer)
    David Ludwig
  • Reason to Be Thankful (Hal Leonard)
    Larry Hochman/Sheldon Harnick​​
  • Hymn for America​ (Paulus Publications)
    Stephen Paulus 
  • Take Care of This House
    Leonard Bernstein ​​
  • Sing Out Mr. President​ (G. Schimer)
  • Washington Round – ​Michael Gilbertson
  • John Adams’ Prayer – ​Jake Heggie
  • Opinion is Power (Jefferson) – Larry Hochman
  • Round (Madison) – ​Milton Babbitt
  • One Man With Courage Makes a​ Majority (Jackson) – Nico Muhly
  • The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet (Lincoln) – Jason Robert Brown
  • A Theodore Roosevelt Round​ – Thomas Cabaniss
  • I Believe in Democracy (Wilson) – ​Andrew Lippa
  • Admonition of F.D.R.​ – Samuel Adler
  • TrumanDavid Ludwig
  • Eisenhower Canon – ​Paul Moravec​​​
  • Freedom’s Road (J.F.K.) – Robert Beaser
  • Moral Courage (Reagan)​ – Jesse Weiner
  • An Ode (Clinton)​ – Zachary Wadsworth
  • A Simple Oath (G.W. Bush)​ – Nora-Kroll-Rosenbaum
  • With Hope and Virtue (Obama)​ – Georgia Stitt
  • It Gets Lonely in the White House
    Irving Berlin 
  • The Stars and Stripe Forever
    John Philip Sousa ​​
  • Two Paraphrases on American Anthems 
    Larry Hochman
  • A Seed of Grain: Theme from American President
    Marc Shaiman​​, arr. Larry Hochman
  • A Quiet Moment (Lawdon Press)
    Jennifer Higdon ​​
  • American Dream (G. Schirmer)
    Larry and Laurie Hochman​​
  • God Bless America
    Irving Berlin

“A stunning journey of Americana, from new interpretations of familiar patriotic tunes to settings of lines from presidential speeches. . . .”
– The Huffington Post

“Judith Clurman’s abundant creativity and profound patriotism are on display throughout the CD in its model of American musical diversity, which represents a call for action and a reason for hope during a time of political crisis and conflict.”
– Broadway World Classical

“There are days when we need to hear the blend of voices lifted in praise of this country, and this is the music for those days to come when we need to make change together.”
– Q on Stage



The New York Concert Singers
Conductor Judith Clurman
Piano David Korevaar
Organ Keith S. Toth
Harp Susan Jolles
Tambura John Schlenck
New World Records 80504/Release Date: October, 1997
Producer Elizabeth Ostrow

  • Eil Nora Alilah (Transcontinental)
    Simon Sargon
  • Psalm 119
    Robert Beaser
  • Thanksgiving Song (Theodore Presser)
    Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
  • Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord (G. Schirmer)
    Aaron Jay Kernis
  • Meditations of Li Po (Paulus Publications)
    Stephen Paulus
  • Adonai Roi (G. Schirmer)
    Judith Shatin
  • Psalm 150
    Robert Beaser
  • A Simple Magnificat (Theodore Presser)
    Ellen Taaffee Zwilich
  • Three Vedantic Hymns
    John Schlenck

“Clurman’s singers offer brilliantly rich sound, fluent musicality and sophisticated wide-ranging expression. The term virtuoso would be no hyperbole.”
The American Organist


The New York Concert Singers
St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble
Conductor Judith Clurman
Piano Margaret Kampmeier
Guitar Benjamin Verdery
New World Records 80547-2/Release Date: 1998
Producer Elizabeth Ostrow

  • Hymns from the Old South (H.W. Gray)
    Virgil Thomson
  •  The Mask (Edward B. Marks Music)
    William Bolcom
  • Four Songs to Poems of Thomas Campion (Southern Music)
    Virgil Thomson
  • Romancero Gitano, Op. 152 (Bote & Bock)
    Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

 “The New York Concert Singers possesses a controlled blend and balance and a clarity of tone that is quite beautiful at all dynamic levels. Intonation and diction are superb. Because of the fine selection of works and excellent singing and interpretations of the choir, this disc is worth a place in the library of serious choral conductors. . . .”
– Choral Journal


The New York Concert Singers
St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble
Conductor Judith Clurman
Piano Margaret Kampmeier
Harp Susan Jolles
Oboe Melanie Feld
Viola Lois Martin
New World Records 80547-2/Release Date: Fall, 2001
Producer Elizabeth Ostrow

  • Ave Maria (Boosey and Hawkes)
    Wayne Oquin
  • When All Things Were In Quiet Silence (Boosey and Hawkes)
    Ned Rorem
  • The Shepherds and the Kings (Shawnee Press)
    Ruth Fox Hume and Paul Hume
  • Carol (“Neighbors on this frosty tide”) (Edward B. Marks)
    Joan Morris and William Bolcom
  • Three Nativity Carols (Paulus Publications)
    Stephen Paulus
  • Lo, The Messiah
    Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
  • O My Deir Hert (Subito Music)
    Virgil Thomson
  • O Magnum Mysterium (Peermusic Classical)
    Morten Lauridsen
  • Wishes and Candles (Paulus Publications)
    Stephen Paulus
  • Sing Christmas! (Rassel Editions)
    Philip Lasser
  • Deep in the Night (Lawdon Press)
    Jennifer Higdon
  • Behold the Star (Boosey and Hawkes)
    Thomas Cabaniss
  • A Season’s Promise (Boosey and Hawkes)
    David Conner
  • All Together (G. Schirmer)
    Lance Horne

“The real star of this release is Judith Clurman, a dynamic and powerful conductor who “plays” the New York Concert Singers as if they were the most delicate of harpsichord at times, the most rich and stately trumpet at others, always drawing out an appropriate sound for the music at hand. The group’s diction is impeccable, its ensemble flawless, and its tone uniformly rounded and elegant, never soupy, sloppy, or brash. These performances are thorough and dedicated, taking each piece seriously, giving each work its due.”
– Classics Today

“Your CD is superb and the performance of O Magnum Mysterium stunningly beautiful.”
– Morten Lauridsen, Composer



Inura with Son Sonora Voices
Judith conducted the professional vocal ensemble with Dance Brazil for a recording of ensemble work by Tania Léon.
Albany Records B005VGX2UI/Release Date: October 1, 2011

This CD was nominated for Latin and American Grammy Awards.


The Clurman Singers
Piano Marc Shaiman
Conductor Judith Clurman
Varese Sarabande 030206687729/Release Date: January 15, 2008

  • Theme from the American President


The New York Concert Singers
Soprano Lauren Flanigan
Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey
Tenor Paul Groves
Cello Carter Brey
Piano Christopher O’Riley
Delos DE3170/Release Date: August 18, 1995

  • Cabildo (opera)