Marvin Makes Music

by Marvin Hamlisch
Dial Books/ Release Date: November 8, 2012

Marvin Hamlisch and Rupert Holmes, with Judith Clurman and EVUSA Youth Workshop for the accompanying song “The Music in My Mind” (Hal Leonard).

Download a PDF of Judith’s personal writing about working with Marvin on this project and what would be his final recording: Marvins-Song_2012.pdf (Download)


Judith has composed, arranged, and edited for G. SCHIRMER, HAL LEONARD and SCHOTT MUSIC. She edits two series for Hal Leonard: The Judith Clurman Choral Series and Rejoice: Honoring the Jewish Spirit. She has edited for BOOSEY AND HAWKES, SCHOTT, EDWARDS B. MARKS, TRANSCONTINENTAL and SUBITO MUSIC. The majority of these publications can be found at Halleonard.com


All Together, Lance Horne/Phillip Littell, HL 50499597, Schirmer

Angels We Have Heard on High, French Carol, arr. David Chase, HL 50600405, Schirmer

Auld Lang Syne, arr. Tedd Firth, HL 50600741, Schirmer

Behold the Star, Thomas Cabaniss, HL 48005038 , Boosey & Hawkes

Gloria, Roberto Sierra, 92070490 , Subito

God Rest Ye, English Carol, arr. David Chase, HL 50600730, Schirmer

Grateful, John Bucchino, HL 00198550 SATB, Hal Leonard

Also: HL 00198551 TTBB, Hal Leonard

Habari Gani, William Schermerhorn/W. Whately, HL 50499577, Schirmer

Holiday Song, Christopher Rouse, HL 48004798 , Boosey & Hawkes

Make We Merry, Michael Gilbertson, HL 50490666, Schirmer

Merry Christmas Wishing Well, Gene Gilroy, arr. Michael Gilbertson, HL 50499597, Schirmer

O Holy Night, Adolph Adam, arr. Ryan Nowlin, HL 50600236, Schirmer

Season of Light, Jacob Narverud, HL 50600729 , Schirmer

Silent Night, Franz Gruber, arr. Tedd Firth & Judith Clurman, HL 50600458, Schirmer

The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights), Stephen Schwartz/Steve Young, HL  00212742, Hal Leonard

Together at Christmas, Wesley Whately, arr. David Chase, HL 00256056, Hal Leonard

Whispered and Revealed, Nico Muhly, HL 50600241, Schirmer


American Dream, Larry & Laurie Hochman, HL50499579, Schirmer

Also: Oboe, horn, piano, strings: HL5049958

American the Beautiful, Samuel A. Ward, arr. Ryan Nowlin, HL 50600224, Schirmer

Also: Band: HL 50600225

Come ‘Round Right: A Folk Song Suite, arr. Sally Lamb McCune, HL 50400584, Schirmer

Also: Strings: HL 1000191632

Shenandoah, arr. Ryan Nowlin, HL 50600443, Schirmer

Sing Out Mr. President, HL 50490621, Schirmer

– Washington Round, Michael Gilbertson

– John Adams’ Prayer, Jake Heggie

– Opinion is Power (Thomas Jefferson), Larry Hochman

– Round (Madison), Milton Babbitt

– One Man With Courage Makes a Majority (Andrew Jackson), Nico Muhly

– The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet (Abraham Lincoln), Jason Robert Brown

– A Theodore Roosevelt Round, Thomas Cabaniss

– I Believe in Democracy (Woodrow Wilson), Andrew Lippa

– Admonition of F.D.R., Samuel Adler

– Truman, David Ludwig

– Eisenhower Canon, Paul Moravec

– Freeedom’s Road (J.F.K.), Robert Beaser

– Moral Courage (Reagan), Jesse Weiner

– An Ode (William Jefferson Clinton), Zachary Wadsworth

– A Simple Oath (George W. Bush), Nora- Kroll-Rosenbaum

– With Hope and Virtue (Barack Obama), Georgia Stitt

The New Colossus, David Ludwig, HL 50498761, Schirmer

The Pledge of Allegiance, Laurie Hochman, arr. Larry Hochman, HL OO115255 , Hal Leonard

Also: Instr: HL OO115916

The Star-Spangled Banner, John Stafford Smith, HL 50600228, Schirmer

Also: arr. Doug Katsaros, band: HL 50600229

We the People, Sandy Wilbur, arr. Larry Hochman, & Judith Clurman, 27010020 , Subito

You’re A Grand Old Flag, George M. Cohan, arr. Doug Katsaros, HL 50600226, Schirmer

Also: Band: HL 50600227


(* suitable for Chanukah)

Adonai Roi, Judith Shatin, HL 50600259, Schirmer

Al Hanisim*, Paul Schoenfield , HL 50499578, Schirmer

Borukh Ate, Zingt Der Tate*, Samuel Golub, arr., Zalmen Mlotek, HL 50600238, Schirmer

Farlorn Alemen, Andrea Clearfield, HL 50600799, Schirmer

Circle of Life, arr. Larry Hochman, Bruce Ruben, HL 50499546, Schirmer

Also: clar, strings: HL50499563

Halleluyah (Psalm 150), Larry Grossman, HL 50600239, Schirmer

Hashkiveinu (Evening Prayer), Salamone Rossi, HL 50600534, Schirmer

Ki Hineih Kachomeir, Judith Clurman, arr. Ryan Nowlin, HL 50600442, Schirmer

Ladino Folksongs, arr. David Ludwig, HL 50600440, Schimer

Meditation, Larry Hochman, HL 50600234, Schirmer

Oseh Shalom, Debbie Friedman, arr. Sally Lamb McCune, HL 00261393, Hal Leonard

Psalm 86, Paul Schoenfield , HL 50600740, Schirmer

Sha, Shtil, Marko Rothüllmer, HL TBA, Hal Leonard

Schlof, Man Fegele, Mikhail Lermontov, /A. Goldfaden, HL 00261250, Hal Leonard

Set Me Aa A Seal, Nico Muhly, HL 50600240, Schirmer

Shehashalom Shelo, David Diamond, HL 00191434 , Transcontinental

Shomeir Yisraeil (Guardian of Israel), Larry Hochman, HL 00127906 , Edward B. Marks

Shirim L’Yom Tov-Four Festive Songs, Shulamit Ran, HL 50490467, Schirmer

Study War No More, Joshua Fishbein, HL 00261248, Hal Leonard

Songs of Freedom: A Celebration of Chanukah*, arr. Judith Clurman, Larry Hochman, Brian Stokes Mitchell, HL 49019336, full/chamber orch., Schott

Oh Chanukah! Oh Chanukah!, S’vivon, Lichvod Ha Chanukah, Mi Y’malel, Hanerot Halalu, Maoz Tsur

Songs of Peace, Jeremiah Klarman, arr. David Chase, HL 50600742, Schirmer

Hineih Ma Tov, Oseh Shalom

Three Pioneer Songs, Marko Rothmüller, HL TBA, Hal Leonard

Tzadik Katamar, Emanuel Kirschner, arr. Larry Hochman, HL 50600232, Schirmer

Also: clar, strings: HL 50600233

Viennese Masterworks, Franz Schubert & Solomon Sulzer, HL 50600281, Schirmer

Yeish Kochavim, Jonathan Tunick, HL 50600739, Schirmer


Anatomy of Peace, Marvin Hamlish/David Zippel, HL 50486744, Schirmer

All Shall be Well, Craig Urquart, HL 50490037, Schirmer

Alleluia, Paul McKibbins, HL 50486692, Schirmer

Ave Maria, Wayne Oquin, HL 48005072 , Boosey & Hawkes

Ayres, Jake Landau, HL 50600731, Schirmer

De Profundis, Georgia Still, HL 50486691, Schirmer

Hope, Andrew Lippa, HL 50486690, Schirmer

I Am, Jacob Naverud/Charles A. Silvestri, HL 50600441, Schirmer

In Flanders Fields, Robert Beaser, HL 00258707, Hal Leonard

Into The Blue , Andrea Clearfield/Susan Windle, HL 0025611, Hal Leonard

Lux Aeterna, Ivo Antognini, HL 50499655, Schirmer,

Set Me As A Seal, Carson Cooman, HL 50490038, Schirmer

Spirit of the Winding Water (A Navajo Prayer), Robert Cohen, HL 00261251, Hal Leonard

The Music in My Mind, Marvin Hamlisch/R. Holmes, arr. Larry Hochman & Judith Clurman, HL OO118185, Hal Leonard

The Mysterious Cat, Jonathan Tunick, HL 50600230, Schirmer

Vespertilians (Bats), Jocelyn Hagen, HL 50600231, Schirmer

Where There Is Sadness, Joy, Shawn Crouch, HL 00258709, Hal Leonard